Free things to do in Reykjavik: Nauthólsvík Beach

Nauthólsvík beach, so good it has to have it’s own blog, a part of our Free things to do in Reykjavik series.

Tucked away from downtown, and very walkable from the hostel, Nauthólsvík beach is a favorite among the people of Reykjavik on warm summer days. And even if the weather is not so warm, you’ll still find some determined locals in their bathing suits trying to catch some rays or soaking in the water.

Reykjavik beach Iceland

Nauthólsvík beach on a sunny day

Nauthólsvík is a man-made beach. What this means is that a part of the cold North Atlantic Ocean has been closed off in a lagoon and warmed up to a degree people are able to play and lounge in, and it’s so, so nice. The facilities include a huge hot tub as well as grills where you can BBQ yourself a nice meal (you can even buy hot dogs there and grill them!).

Nautholsvik beach Iceland

The path to the North Atlantic Ocean.


The beach is not as populated during non-summer days but it’s still a great place to visit. The hot tub is warm and the surroundings are spectacular.

Of course, the ocean is right outside the lagoon and a lot of people take advantage of that and go swimming… in any kind of weather… year round. We know, it’s crazy, but this activity is considered to be good for the body as well as the soul. If you’re feeling brave, give it a shot—it’s something worth writing home about. How cool is it to have bathed in the freezing cold North Atlantic Ocean in ICELAND? Pretty damn cool.


Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach Reykjavik

Nauthólsvík beach on a not so sunny day. Photo by

The area is also a very popular outdoor area in Reykjavik with Öskjuhlíð hill close by. There you can always see walkers, runners and bikers enjoying nature. The beach and outdoor area are maybe about a 15 minute walk walking distance from Bus Hostel.

Nautholsvik beach

The hot tub area on a sunny day. Photo by Visit Reykjavik

The bathing area is free for all during summer. Be aware that the changing rooms are not open at all times during the winter. For more information, head on over to

So, go check it out, friends.  If you have been there let us know your thoughts in the comments.
The Bus Hostel team