Snorkel Tour with Scuba Iceland


Iceland is full of surprises.

It seems in every direction you point to leads to something different! However, some paths are beaten and some paths are reserved for the true adventurer. If you dare, go snorkeling in the arctic waters of Silfra, the crack separating the North American and European continents.

It might sound really extreme and very cold, but we promise it will be worth it. After all, where else can you swim between two continents?

Snorkel tour silfra iceland

Scuba Iceland is the perfect option to take this tour.

They’ll pick you up right at the front door, and drive you to Þingvellir National Park where you’ll be diving with a small group. Before that, you will receive an introduction to the Continental plates and the nature in the park. Afterwards, the group will be driven down to Silfra to start preparing for the water.

You will learn how to wear the dry suit and use all of the equipment, and don’t worry about getting wet: this kind of suit will protect you from the water… well, almost all the way. There is a chance that you will get a little wet. We must say, suiting up is not the most comfortable part of the tour, but at least it will be funny.

Snorkel tour silfra iceland

If you’re concerned about being a swimmer or not, don’t be. You don’t need to be a professional as the dry suit will keep you floating from the moment you jump into the water.

All your worries will disappear once you’re in the water. The views are even better than the photos. It will look like a science fiction movie. You won’t believe how marvelous this world can be. The water is totally clear, so you can appreciate the plates in all of their glory and all of the nature in the deep.

Snorkel tour silfra iceland

You will be swimming and soaking in the water for approximately 25 minutes. If you decide to take this tour, book with Scuba Iceland, as they are amazing with the group. You will always feel safe.

Will you get cold? Of course you will, especially your hands and face.

Is it worth it, though? Totally! You MUST do it.

A good piece of advice for taking the tour? Wear really warm socks.

Snorkel tour silfra iceland

Take part in this unique experience that we’re sure you’ll not regret.

Book now with Scuba Iceland.


Whale Watching with Elding

One of the most amazing things about Iceland is the marine life, and by this, we’re really talking about the whales. If you’re walking through the Old Harbor, why not stop and go on a whale watching tour?

We recommend the classic whale watching tour with Elding.


You’ll search for 2 hours to see these rare animals in their natural environment. Traveling by boat is a part of the wonder of this tour, as the view is stunning and the sensation of the waves is very special.

Oh yeah, and we too our 6 year old McDonalds burger with us sightseeing as Reykjavik was just stunning that day. Don’t worry, he was safely inside when we were out on the water.


Once you are on the boat, you will notice the tour staff has a vast knowledge of the whales and other sea life. You will learn about the nature in the ocean in addition to other facts about Iceland.

While you are searching for the whales it might get really cold and windy, but don’t worry: Elding will offer you one of their special jumpers to keep you warm.


Seeing any kind of whale or dolphin will be really exciting. Everyone will start taking pictures, but a secret tip is to simply just enjoy. Once they start to show up you will be captivated by their presence. Be present with it! Try to really take in what you are seeing. They can disappear very quickly so it is best to appreciate them first hand, rather than later when you are looking at your pictures.


If you feel sick, don’t worry about telling someone in the staff. They will help you immediately.

You should know that it is not always certain that you will see these magnificent sea animals, as their nature is just wild. Sometimes it becomes difficult due to the seasons of the sea and environment factors. Regardless, it will be a really cool experience.


Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

Southern Iceland and Glacier Walk with BusTravel Iceland

One of the main highlights of Iceland is the beautiful south coast, so consider taking an adventurous tour of the country’s epic waterfalls. However, you must not forget where these waterfalls are coming from and check out the slowly cascading river of ice that makes up the massive landscape of a glacier. They’re completely stunning and will leave you speechless. That’s why you should book the Southern Iceland and Glacier Tour with BusTravel Iceland.

We took our 6 year old McDonalds burger with us so he could experience Southern Iceland. He skipped the glacier walk but was happy with the sightseeing part of the experience.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

Walking on a Glacier is a MUST when you are in the Land of Ice. Let us explain to you how awesome it is to take this tour.

Aside from being an epic sightseeing experience it is a learning experience. The guides know a bounty of great tales, rich history, and fascinating geological feats of this land. They are always open to inquiries of the culture, the climate, geography and especially random, quirky facts about the country.

The bus will take approximately 2 hours to journey to the south. The first stop is to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, where, if you’re lucky and the weather conditions are good, you will get a chance to appreciate it and take some pictures—the burger was really lucky. After a quick view of the volcano, the waterfalls will begin to appear. Skógafoss will be one of the highlights as you take in the breeze coming from the falls.

After viewing these awesome sites, you will head over to the Sólheimajökull glacier, the main feature of this tour. What you miss by skipping the black sand beach will be more than made up for by visiting the glacier, trust us.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

Once at the glacier, Arcanum Glacier guides will take care of you, so, let’s get ready! The guide team is charismatic and will always make you laugh. They are pros at teaching you how to use the trekking equipment such as the harness, helmet, ice picks and the crampons which allow you to walk safely across the ice. You’re more likely to fall down after the tour is finished and you remove your crampons, as many adventurers find out when they’re walking back to the bus.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

It’s a very special feeling being up on the glacier. Apart from enjoying the nature, you will learn a lot of things from the guides such as the fact a documentary on climate change was filmed here in addition to tons of geographical information.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

The walk may last 2 hours, but it’ll leave you with a life-long memory.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

After the walk you will be picked up by the bus and make some additional stops, such as at the Seljalandsfoss waterfall and the Queen Elf’s Castle, a curious place made in the stones that you have to see for yourself.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

Don’t forget to dress warm and enjoy! The burger’s been here, so why not you?

Go and book with BusTravel Iceland.

Southern Iceland and Glacier walk

The Beautiful Snaefellsnes Peninsula

If you’ve still got some days in Iceland, or if you’re just starting to plan your trip, you should include Snæfellsnes Peninsula on your agenda. Snæfellsnes is a miniature version of Iceland.

Although everything you’ll see in the country is completely stunning, this place on the west side has everything. You’ll see black beaches, the Snæfellsjökull glacier, volcanic fields, small villages, birds, and experience the refreshing air of the countryside.

Also, if you’re a reader, Snæfellsnes should be familiar: Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth features the Snæfellsjökull glacier.

Whether you book a tour or drive it, the peninsula will blow your mind in all ways. If you are very lucky and the weather is on your side, you will get to see the golden light that reflects all over the mountains and the sea.

Snaefellsnes peninsula

Keep in mind that touring through the peninsula requires time, but we can promise it’s totally worth it.

If you want to save some money, pack a lunch and picnic or eat on the go. However, near Hellnar there’s a lovely coffee shop that also sells lamb soup, meatballs and some other traditional Icelandic dishes. What makes it more special is the awesome view you’ll have while enjoying your hot coffee.

Don’t miss the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. You won’t be disappointed by the powerful lava fields and the dark blue sea.

Snaefellsnes peninsula

Where Should I Buy my Groceries?

When you arrive at Bus Hostel you might be asking yourself where you should buy some pasta or Skyr for keeping you energy up. Reykjavík has plenty of supermarkets, but which is closest to the hostel? Nothing is too far from the hostel, but if you’re in a pinch, here’s what’s close by:

The closest small supermarket is Sunnubúðin. It’s located on Mávahlíð 26, and it’s only a 7 minute walk from the hostel.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 09:00-22:00

Weekends: 10:00-22:00

There’s another store nearby that’s opened 24 hours and sells warm snack foods. It’s called 10-11, and it’s just across the street from the hostel. A word of caution: 10-11 is one of the most expensive groceries in Iceland, so it might be best to buy what you absolutely need from there instead of doing a full shop.

The best choice is Bónus. Why? It’s the cheapest grocery store in Iceland. You can find one in Kringlan, the shopping mall just 15 minutes straight from the hostel, but if you’re heading into town, then there are also two of these supermarkets on Hallveigarstígur and Laugavegur.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 11.00 – 18.30

Friday: 10.00 – 19.30

Saturday 10.00 – 18:00

Sunday 12.00 – 18:00

We have 2 fully stocked kitchens where you can cook and store your food. So start planning a meal with your new Bus Hostel friends!